Friday, October 29, 2004

More annoying people

I'm not having a good week month. And I can't concentrate on work with this other thing going on, so a post seems in order.

There's a No-Hello bloke in our building. On level 4. He's married to a lovely Asian woman who's quite happy to say hello when he's not there. And he has two small children, gorgeous little things, about two- and three-years old, who despite their shyness, can be cajoled into smiling for you.

When you meet him in the loft or foyer, he doesn't greet you. Even when you say hello yourself, he doesn't respond. The most I have gotten out of him was a grunt. It's not shyness or deafness or any other disorder. He is just pointedly rude.

On Father's Day I was going down in the lift with my girls. He hopped on with his kids and wife. I leaned down and said to his kids, "I hope you got your Daddy a nice present for Father's Day." His wife smiled discreetly. The kids looked scared. No-Hello glared at me as if I was some sort of child-molester. Struth!

Visions of pointed-stick retribution dance through my head. Why does this happen? I am surely not a violent man.

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