Friday, October 08, 2004

Home Brew No 38

Started Number 38 - A Mango Beer.

  • 1700mL Mango nectar
  • 800g Dextrose
  • Coopers Bavarian Lager Kit 1.7kg
  • Saaflager dried lager yeast W34/70 11.5g
  • Cold water up to just under 23L

Boiled up the Mango and Dextrose for about 10 minutes, scraped off the scum from the top, in with the Coopers, mix with cold water. Pitched yeast at about 30° C. 1.048 specific gravity. The temperature at pitching was a bit high for a lager, but I wouldn'tve been able to cool it anyway. The wort had a definite mango taste and smell. We'll see how it lasts over the fermentation.

We went to the Belgian Beer Cafe at Cammeray last week to celebrate the Chick's pay rise. At least I think that's what we were celebrating. It's so hard to tell after you get into your fourth or fifth celebration beer. Tried a few of the yummy beers. She had a Peach Beer — a Peche — and reckoned it'd be even better as a mango beer.

I'll keep you informed on whether it's successful or not.

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