Wednesday, October 06, 2004


It was band practice last night, and I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn't talk anyone in going to the Doncaster Hotel for a couple beforehand. One of the girls SMSd that she was going to the gym instead!

Actually she said something like: Goin 2 d gym. ButI knew what she meant.

[And on an only slightly related topic...]

Walking to work this morning there were three people out exercising. It was only 6:45am so I didn't expect many more. It made me reflect on the differences between men and women exercising.

The first women was a young walker. She was quite large, but she had that look of someone who would look very attractive if she just lost all the weight. Good on her effort, I say.

The second woman was a jogger. Very attractive woman, all the right gear, slim and fit. She smiled at me. Cool!

The bloke was quite overweight, ugly, sweaty, hairy. <shudder /> Jogging in that oh-my-god-heart-attack-any-second way.

It struck me that you don't really see all that much of overweight women jogging; men yes, women no. Surely after they've walked and walked enough they start to become fit enough to move up to the jogging thing while still carrying a fair bit of excess weight. Where do they go in this transition phase, as they certainly don't seem to use the streets? Is this why women's gyms are so successful?

I can feel a research project coming on.

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