Friday, October 08, 2004

Children's boredom

My kids are over my place this weekend for an extended stay because of the school holidays. Thursday till Monday. They've never spent more than two nights here in a row and just between you and me they are starting to get a little bored. Harbour City views just not enough for them.

It's not that I haven't kept them occupied, Thursday morning shopping, Thursday afternoon up to the pub for a mate's farewell, today up to the Library. I didn't know you can borrow computer games at the Library nowadays. So Jojo got an Alice in Wonderland game which she spent at least twenty-five minutes on after me spending a number of hours setting it up for her.

I made sure that we walked to extra-long way to and from the library to tire them out. Well it made me cranky and tired. I'm not so sure about them though.

The latest thing is running around the flat trying to surprise each other, which is a game that involves a lot of running and screaming at each other from a distance of oh, maybe 2, 3 cm.

The Chick's away at the moment. In NZ with her band. Apparently she went on The Swoop, which is some bungy-type experience. I'm sure she would've enjoyed my children more than that.

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