Friday, May 18, 2018

He's got form

Yesterday evening, Alison was looking through Jude’s schoolbag and found a handful of chocolate pieces that had clearly originated from the “stash” of milk chocolate blocks (destined for use in cake making) stored at the top of the pantry. Of course he completely denied stealing and surreptitiously eating the chocolate, he had no idea how the pieces got from the pantry into his school bag, indeed he was upset that we’d even think of him having pinched them.

Alison checked in the pantry and all three blocks were ravaged.

Wanting to believe Jude, she showed me the half-empty boxes, and asked me if I’d stolen the chocolate. I said, “No I only steal white chocolate,” which she nodded sage assent to. Sadly, we had to accept the fact that our eldest and only son is a secret chocolate muncher.

And we’ve got to say, history is not Jude’s friend.

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