Friday, May 18, 2018

And time goes on...

It's been quite a few years since I posted on this blog. Here's some of the things that have happened since July 2014, obviously ignoring the somewhat ridiculous world events:

  • We've had a new daughter born, Astrid, who is now approaching four years old
  • My mother has passed away
  • My eldest girl has moved out with her boyfriend
  • My second eldest has moved in, and is now an adult and working full time.
  • I still haven't learnt French, or any other language for that matter
  • Our boy is now playing junior AFL footy, which I'm coaching (assisting, anyway)
  • We've celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary
  • I've celebrated my 50th birthday
  • A very good friend has passed away.

Some things don't change though. The main one is that I still don't get enough time. Does anyone?

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