Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Revelation

I read this stunningly informative article yesterday on the Sydney Morning Herald website, which reports on the results of a study. Feel free to read it yourself, but don't read it standing up or if you have heart complaints because the shock may cause you to faint to the floor.

Employees wary, unmotivated after sacking 

My stars, how insightful! Who on earth would have guessed, that after there have been sackings at a company, the remaining employees are less motivated. It is a complete revelation.

I have heard that the Sydney Morning Herald are running these related stories:
  • Study confirms reducing staff reduces employee costs
  • Poll results: workers prefer not to be retrenched
  • Happy staff are more productive

The only, and I mean the ONLY slightly surprising information provided by this "news" item, is the last paragraph, which states that nearly 50% of companies that sack staff need to rehire soon. And being one of those people that was retrenched and then re-hired quite soon after by the same company, it is not nearly so much of a surprise to me. Actually, what is a suprise is that these nearly 50% of companies are willing to admit their incompetence.

What is the greatest surprise is that:
  • People got paid for the results of the study; and
  • Someone got paid to write that article.

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