Thursday, December 04, 2008

Inappropriate behaviour

On Monday night after basketball, the team always goes down to Percy's Bar in North Sydney for a couple of quiet beers. This last Monday was no different.

At some point during the evening I went to the toilet, and standing at the urinal was reading the advertisement on the wall. It was for Tooheys White Stag beer, which promises one-third of the carbs of a regular beer. The ad says the remaining two-thirds of the carbs will be sent to those who need it most -- Americans. Interesting ad, amusing, however, the thing which caught my eye was a QR Code, and the line which went something like: "Point your mobile phone's camera at this QR code, and your phone's browser will pop up and take you to the Toohey's White Stag website."

Now, I may be all on my own here in this opinion, but I am NOT taking my mobile phone out to take pictures of ANYTHING in a pub toilet. The places are scary enough as it is. And I am certainly not going to be browsing the net while standing at the urinal. I mean for starters, my phone is a Palm Treo, and needs two hands to operate.

What on earth were they thinking?

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