Tuesday, August 12, 2008

15 Things they don't tell you about getting old.

  1. It's harder to wake up in the morning.
  2. Your metabolism changes. Suddenly, cheesecake for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch and Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner is unacceptably bad for you. You actually eat the salads that come with the main meal.
  3. You can't go out drinking till late, sleep for two hours, and get up and run the City-to-Surf.
  4. You have an obsessive need to check your weight every morning.
  5. The words cholesterol and hypertension don't have to be searched for in the dictionary.
  6. Bad service makes you very cranky.
  7. The acceptable age range for attractive ladies gets wider and wider.
  8. You have to warm up at least 20 minutes for a 40 minute game, and still suffer 2 days of pain. If you don't warm up at all, expect 10 days of injury.
  9. The number of days suffering from the common cold quietly approaches, or even exceeds, the number of days spent without it.
  10. Your hair gets more wirey, and starts appearing in unusual spots, primarily nose and eyebrows.
  11. The antics of the school kids on the morning bus no longer amuse you.
  12. You doze off. Anywhere.
  13. The weekend is for doing nothing, as opposed to doing lots of things other than work.
  14. You still get pimples.
  15. When there is rubbish on television, you turn it off rather than sit vacantly waiting for something better to come on. And isn't there a great deal more rubbish on television nowadays, or is it just me?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sign of the times

Taking the girls back home on Sunday night, I found myself stuck behind these two cars going into the entrance of the Lane Cove tunnel. The first was this huge old Big American Car, straight out of the 50's, chugging along at about 40kph (or possibly 25 mph?). The second was a ute and obviously a "chase" car.

Once we got into the tunnel proper, I overtook them and drove on, and quickly lost sight.

About an hour later, on the way back after having dropped the girls off, just before the entrance to the tunnel, I spotted the Big American Car, abandoned by the side of the road. It has obviously only just made it out the tunnel before conking out.

Fairly symbolic, I thought, that the age of the big car is well and truly over.