Thursday, April 10, 2008


I obviously have none. Or only a limited amount.

I enjoy doing Sudoku puzzles, and so most days I get onto and submit my daily sudoku. They keep track of how many you've completed correctly out of the last 350 days. I am approaching the 250 mark with 6 incorrect out of the last 350 days. Looking back through my record, you can see blocks of days where I've gone down to The Farm, or to my brother's place in Melbourne, or on a Footy trip to Brisbane with Fincher or whatever. 250 is alright, I reckon.

And then I look at the list of people who have completed 350. That's every day for the last 350 days they have submitted their entry, correctly, mind you. No piddling little typing errors or mistakes like me — Struth! Two 8's in row 3!.

It makes my feel wildly inadequate. And more than a little curious about the sacrifices that have to be made in order to get your entries in before the daily cut-off. "Sorry sweetheart, I can't engage in sexual intercourse right now as I only have twenty minutes before the Sudoku cut-off time." — or — "No we can't explore the wonders of Kakadu National Park today because I have heard the GPRS coverage is patchy at best."

Reminds me of that fellah, Noah Kalina (Google's just great, isn't it?), who took a photo of himself every day for about six years. (YouTube is pretty good, as well.)

It's occurred to me that this is probably the first time I've used the words sexual intercourse in a blog post. [Have I stepped over some invisible barrier?] It's also occurred to me that I probably should edit the time above. Twenty minutes for sex and a sudoku? There's probably enough remaining time for a beer as well.

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