Thursday, January 31, 2008

The most confusing article ever?

I'm sure it isn't, but it certainly is very confusing.

I challenge you to read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, and understand, on the first read, exactly which Beltrame did what and to whom. When the author says "Beltrame" without clarifying it with "Mr" or "Mrs" or "Miss" or even "Romina", do you know whether it is grandfather, mother or daughter easily? Or are you, like me, tracing back through the article to get clues from the surrounding text.

It just became too hard, and I gave up. Surely it would not have been too hard for the author, who I am sure is intimately aware of the details, to add in little hints on each occasion, like the relevant Beltrame's first name or title. Either the author is lazy, or I am just too stupid.

I haven't completely ruled out the second.

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