Monday, January 29, 2007


I always wondered whenever I've seen a person wearing a nose ring what sort of umm, misadventures could happen. Now I've seen one example.

On Saturday afternoon, the girls and I were coming home from North Sydney on the train. We sat down in the end section of the carriage and next to a young bloke with his Aldi shopping. I thought for a second that he had a really, really bad pimple on his left nostril, but when I voyeuristically and surreptitiously looked closer, I realised that it was in fact a wound from where a nose ring or stud had been removed with force, ripping the nose with it. The wound was a half-centimetre red gash from the ring hole down to the nostril, and the whole left outside of his nose was a disgusting red and purple colour.

The girls were oblivious. I was sickened slightly.

[I'm now wondering if voyeuristically is a real adverb or whether I've made it up. Ah well.]

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