Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reflections on a train

1. On older carriages, the ceiling in the downstairs is less than 187cm high.
2. Schoolboys have no knowledge of deodourant.
3. You can never tire of looking at Sydney Harbour in the morning.
4. If you get your bag caught between the closing doors of the carriage on the left side of the train at St Leonards, and the train does not stop at Wollstonecraft and Waverton, you do not have a chance to retrieve it before getting off at Wynyard.
5. Other passengers are more likely to enjoy watching you try to force hydraulic doors open rather than help you.
6. The person that eventually helps you force hydraulic doors open will invariably be the roughest and scariest looking person in the carriage.
7. If your head is bent at an angle for about twenty minutes, your neck will get sore.
8. Newer carriages make creaking sounds that are vaguely similar to Space Invader sounds. This is strangely comforting.

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