Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Alternate Spice Girls

My mate Mal Partridge is a wonderful Philosopher and a good source of good humour. He's responsible for The Mal Partridge Theory of Joke-Telling, an outstanding theory that should raise the interests of sociogists and anthropologists alike.

He told me yesterday about the "Alternate Spice Girls". His mate, Leigh Galvan and he concocted this one, obviously over more than a few beers. It's the name of the five alternate Spice Girls. The absolute only reason I mention it is because after not having heard of them for years, yesterday there was not only Mal's reference to them, but also a question on Temptation about it.

The Alternate Spice Girls are:

  • Herbs'n

  • Old

  • Sugar'n

  • Pine Lime

  • Lostin

For those who don't understand the "Pine Lime" reference you might like to check out this link and select Pine Limefrom the drop-down selector.

Most of us would recognise this though:

Malcolm Partridge thank you once again.

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