Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wild weather

OK, everyone in Sydney knows we had wild weather last night so this is not really news. We live in a high-rise in the next-to-top floor, and when the wind really blows you can even feel the building move. Creepy.

Last night, it was howling. Me, I had a beer before I went to sleep about midnight and slept like a baby till wakeup at 6:30a. Best night's sleep I've had in ages. While waiting for Al to finish in the shower I went through to the other end of the flat to see if anything had blown off the balcony during the night. We have two balconies, the small one facing the city and the large one facing west. The sliding door to the small one had blown open during the night.

Now I must admit I found it pretty amazing that the door had been blown open. The wind had somehow blown the door hard enough that the catch had disengaged and forced the door open two centimetres at right angles to the direction of the wind!

So I asked Al about this, along the lines of, "Did you hear anything in the night?" since I knew she'd had a restless night. "Now that you mention it..."

Apparently she'd heard a big sound and pressure change during the night, which was (obviously in retrospect) the door being blown open.

M: "Did you get up and check it?"

A: "No."

M: "Did you wake me to get up and check it?"

A: "Well I spoke to you."

M: "Did I answer?"

A: "No."

M: "Do you think that probably meant that I was asleep?"

A: "Oh. Yeah. But I wasn't really awake."

But you spoke to me!! Hmmmmmm. Chick logic, I guess. Hee hee.

So the carpet was a little wet this morning. Not a huge drama as it'll dry soon enough. It sort of reminds me of a mate at a previous work who'd gotten in trouble during the night because his girlfriend cuddled up to him while he was asleep and he'd pushed her away. But he was asleep!!

Mate I feel your pain. It is interesting that if you tell this story to chicks and blokes you get completely different reactions.

  • "But he was alseep!" - invariant bloke reaction.

  • "Oh she only wanted a cuddle. Are they still together?" - one of a host of chick reactions.

My comment that she was lucky that he hadn't farted on her wasn't taken in the same vein it was delivered. I mean he did have a reputation.

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