Friday, January 07, 2005

Movie Theatre Madness

This morning I read this article about Greater Union now banning people from taking their own food and drink into the theatre. They can only take in the exorbitantly-priced fare bought from the theatre's own snack bar.

More than a little unfair, I reckon.

I wonder whether this ban on food and drink will extend to other theatre chains, or whether Greater Union will trial it and discard it. I wonder whether it will have ANY effect on their ticket sales and their takings.

Ali and I were discussing ridiculous movie prices the other day after seeing Meet The Fockers at Chatswood. The price of the two tickets was $31. We didn't buy any food or drink. Now if we waited 6 or 12 months, the bloody movie will be out on DVD, and we'll be able to buy it for much the same price, and view it in our own home with the big screen telly and (maybe soon) surround sound. Much more comfortable.

Or do people only buy DVDs that they have already seen? Do people go to the movies as an event rather than it being for entertainment?

I probably wouldn't buy the movie anyway. It was funny in parts, but not great. My personal opinion; don't let it hold you back from seeing it — on DVD, not at the theatre.

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