Wednesday, January 05, 2005

ISP problems, again

At work, we've now changed from using an ISP to host our email to our own mail server.

ISP's really do not know ANYTHING about customer service. I work in Telecommunications, and the chasm is wide, let me tell you. And for me to be able to say that coming from a Telecommunications perspective really damns ISPs.

Anyway, when asked by one of the staff members about the reason for the change, here is our Company Director's response. He is describing the responses he has received from the ISP when asking about problems:

  • "No one else has reported that problem."
  • "It is 4pm and we finish at 5pm - can we restore all of your email accounts that we just deleted in the morning ?"
  • "If you don't pay your outstanding balance by Friday we will cut you off" — no outstanding balance of course.
  • "We deleted your account as requested" — no you deleted the wrong account as specifically warned not to!
  • "We have upgraded our internet connection - once your emails stop bouncing because we did a hot cutover of IP addresses, you will get a much fasterservice"
  • "It would take a long time to tell you which emails we rejected in error — it would be easier for us if you just wrote to your contacts and asked them to resend any mail sent in the past 72 hours"
  • "Yes we disabled your account - you were sending a lot of mail and might have been spamming." — Arggghhhhhhhh!

Thanks, John. Yep we're better off without them.

BTW: The ISP in question is RAM, now renamed Alchemy IT. In my opinion, your money would be better spent elsewhere. Seriously.

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