Monday, November 01, 2004

Seen through blurred, slitty eyes

I'm dead on my feet today. Even after nine hours of sleep last night.

To summarise my weekend:

Awake at 4:30a on Saturday. Rush to Kensington to be there 5:30. Pack bus and cars. Leave Kenso 6:15a. Travel, travel, travel. Lunch Tamworth around 1:15p. Arrive Armidale Bowling Club around 3p. Unpack, carry gear upstairs to first floor, set up band, sound check, start stressing over music to play. To Armidale depot, quick shower, shave and dress. Back to Bowlo's for gig 6:30p. Play, eat, drink, continue stress about the music and impatiently wait around till 11:30p. Pack up. Carry gear downstairs and pack cars. Back to Armidale depot 12:30p. Couple of very quiet beers till 1a. Lose 1 hour in daily-saving transition. Wake up 5:45a pack up, load up, saddle up. Leave Armidale depot by 6:45. Travel, travel, travel. Lunch Kearsley about 12p. Sunday afternoon traffic back into Sydney. Arrive Kensington depot sometime between 3:30 and 4p, can't be sure of correct time because I'm starting to lose concentration and hence losing track of time. Unload and carry gear upstairs to storeroom. Pack car with personal gear. Car home, whenever. Fall asleep on lounge while waiting for dinner. Dinner, fall asleep on lounge again and then give up and go to bed.

OK I left out the toilet visits — there were a lot of them — and a couple of brief stops on the way up and back. Busy weekend do you think??

What exactly is it about sitting in a car for eight hours that makes you even more tired than when you started out? I think CSIRO should commission a research project on it. I really don't want to be a volunteer subject for it.

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