Monday, November 01, 2004

How to comment on Mics Garage

Twice now someone has told me they've had trouble making comments on this Blog. Umm that's two different people, not the same person complaining twice.

After I was got over the shock that there are actually people out there reading this rubbish I decided I should tell both of you how to do it.

Down the bottom of each post is a "x comments" link — x being the number of existing comments. If you click on this link, it expands out to show existing comments. Beneath this there is a "Post a comment" link. If you click on this, you should get a screen with a "Comment Sign In". If you don't want to create a Blogger profile, or are making some inflammatory or abusive comment, then click on the "Or Post Anonymously" link under the "Sign In" button. You don't have to sign in at all, and there is no need to create a Blogger account.

Easy, eh?

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