Friday, November 05, 2004

Concert tickets

Concert tickets
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Last night was the girls' schools first Performing Arts Festival. Heavily influenced by the school's Principal, who is a choirist herself; and by Charlotte's teacher, who must have danced herself when younger — she is a great choreographer.

It was a great show, Charlotte was in 5 of the items, band, choirs, and dance groups. The choir which sang at the Opera House was superb; Mrs Maclellan has done a wonderful job with them. Charlotte is still a great little dancer, even after being out of the dance school for a few years.

I was a little disappointed with the band. Not the kids themselves. The band is being run by one of those commercial companies that comes in and does everything, rents the instruments, supplies the bandmaster and lessons, etc. So more money ends up coming out of the parent's pockets than out of the Department of Education. Realistically though, I imagine it is the only way a poor school like that can afford to have a band.

It was the Bandmaster that annoyed me. Everyone who gets up on stage knows you must acknowledge the audience. She stood obstinately there with her back turned while people clapped. Very rude!

Josephine was the star of the Stage 1 drama. When she came out and said her first line, "Can I play with you?" and the other kids replied, "No you smell," I commented sotte voce, "Yep, she does." The woman next to me looked at me with absolute horror. I think she got the picture at the end when I was clapping and whistling. Josephine also dances on the weekend, but she didn't want to go in the Stage 1 dancing, as she's a bit beyond the level of all the little kids. Hmmm...

Stupidly, I forgot to take my bloomin' camera, but I did scan in the tickets for posterity. Row A Seats 1 & 2. I don't believe it can ever get better than that.

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