Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Home Brew No 39 - Part 2

I thought I was sunk last week with Brew 39. OK, I know I've previously called it Batch 38, but I was incorrect. It's definitely Number 39. I think.

Anyway, back on t4rack, with 35°+ temperatures last week I thought it would've killed all the yeast. Certainly on the day it hit 38° the temperature of the liquid in the fermenter hit 34°. Arrrgghhh!

All it meant was a very quick brew. Earlier this week I took a specific gravity reading and it's fermented out. I don't think the quality will be the best with a brew that ferments out in 4 days, but it didn't taste too bad when I took the reading. There's a definite mango aroma and slight taste, and it has a light coppery colour.

We'll see how things go after I give it a week or so to clear before I bottle it.

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