Friday, October 29, 2004

BIG women

There is this really, really large woman that works in the same office building as me. She's not fat; she's about 190cm tall and in proportion. Just huge. Now I'm not being insulting or anything, merely mentioning that fact that this woman is huge. Huge arms, huge shoulders, tree trunks for legs.

Then on Wednesday I say her in heels. Struth! Huge!!

Which makes it interesting that I received this email from My Chick the same day. She's doing HSC marking after school every day.
"So... this place where I am marking, it is a primary school and we are yet to really work out where the "Ladies" toilets are. It is quite convenient that there are toilets just at the bottom of the block where I am marking so before we go in we pop to the toilet and then go on upstairs. There is just one little problem to this, you see it is a primary school ... ie 'little' people go to the toilet here and before you think this is going to the gutter, it is not!

"Anyway, little people need little toilets.... so the toilets are all pint-size!! Not only that but they have doors which probably go up to my shoulders!!! Which brings me to ideas you have previously raised... how do women feel about going to toilets where you see everyones heads popping over the top???[*see Footnote] Quite insecure I must say... actually I think I feel more so because being a little taller than most I guess I can see a little more!!

"Last night when we got back we tried some new toilets that were "big" toilets.... well let's just say that the actual toilet was bigger — ie not pint-sized but the doors were the same height!!! This was even more amusing because one of the chicks we were with is very tall, ie you can see half her body sticking out of the cubicle a bit like some oversized-person using a hobbit's toilet.. or thereabouts."

[*Footnote] I have this theory that differences between men and women are largely due to toilet practices.

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