Monday, September 20, 2004

Government buses in the City

I am certain that Government buses in the City are immune to all normal road rules and regulations. Two incidents recently bring me to that conclusion.

Thursday two weeks ago I was waiting at the north-west corner of Bathurst and Elizabeth to cross into Hyde Park. The little red man turns into the little green man and I am just about to step off the curb when a bus screams past going north in the kerb lane, through the red light. I honestly do not know how I managed to stay upright and not get hit by the bloody bus.

On Friday night, around 11:30pm we were waiting at the north-east corner of George and Hunter St, waiting to cross to enter Wynyard Station. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper going north on George, and had banked back over the intersection. When the little man turned green, there was still a bus over the pedestrian crossing, and a bus immediately behind, also into the intersection. The second bus driver, seeing us start to cross the road and weave our way through the traffic, actually looked at us and move his bus closer to the bus in front to prevent us crossing the road. This is in addition to illegally moving forward into the intersection on a red light, he has to be more of an arsehole and try to stop us crossing the pedestrian crossing in front of him. There was just enough gap for us to get through.

It's not enough that they can always have the right of way over other vehicles, they have also got to wield their weapons, ummm I mean vehicles, dangerously or threateningly against pedestrians as well.

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