Friday, September 03, 2004

FHM Magazine

Played basketball last night. As you know it's a long way from the court home, and I was pretty cranky because aside from the fact that it was a very rough game, the trip home had too many idiots wanting to travel at 130kph on the M4. So I was a little stressed, and all I wanted to do was sit down and relax with a book.

But we had a bit of Mars vs Venus thing going on, and was cajoled into conversation instead. But no problem, she's lovely and warmed me to it almost immediately. On the coffee table is a pile of books and magazines that had been bought over from my old place, including about a dozen FHM Magazines. One of the articles caught my eye and I picked it up and flicked through it idly. I somehow sensed that I was on shaky ground and my possession of these required some explanation.

I explained that I used to spend many, many hours on the train, and needed something with decent articles to read. What better than with this excellent magazine? How embarrassed and uncomfortable I was when I was reading in the train and I came upon a photo article of some scantily-clad female. I would quickly flick past them with the barest glance. The only reason I read it was because of the articles. Surely she knew that?

She gave me the exact same look that she gave me when I tried to explain my theories of rounding up stray cats and making use of them, possibly as cosmetics or motor oil products.

I guess I have to work on my delivery.

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