Friday, September 24, 2004


After (secretly and silently) vowing not to go back to McDonalds I've backslid and regretted it.

I only ate a late lunch yesterday afternoon, without breakfast, and spent so long at work that I had to rush to get out to basketball without dinner. Basketball finished around 10:15, and I was tired, dehydrated and hungry. I know if I'd just managed to re-fill my water bottle before leaving the stadium what followed wouldn't have happened.

Travelling down the M4 through Penrith I started to think about stopping and getting a sports drink or water. By the time I got to the twin stations at Eastern Creek, I only had to spot the Maccas sign and rather than stopping in the petrol station to get a drink I went on to the drive-through Maccas.

Or rather the wait-through Maccas.

No apple pie, of course (“Only an eight-minute wait, sir”). And a “two-minute” wait for just about every burger they have. Now if it had only been a two-minute wait I would've been happy (well, not exactly happy but at least happier), but for heaven's sake, why do they tell you it'll only be two-minutes and then make you wait five? It doesn't achieve anything except getting me upset. The bloke in front of me must've been waiting closer to ten minutes. I wonder if he got told “two-minutes” as well?

And also, the chips tasted foul.

This time, I'm off Maccas for good. Never again.

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