Friday, August 20, 2004

Mic's Garage is born

Everything is up and running, server is going, domain name is registered, HTML coded, etc, etc. I must admit, I used Microsoft FrontPage to do the job. And then I fiddled with the HTML to get it to actually do what I wanted. But I must admit, it is fairly clean. Fast too. And the website looks fairly nice. I think so, anyway.

Synchronicity occurred as well. Always love it when that happens. After writing a little about the Mal Partridge Theory of Joke-Telling early this morning, over lunch a mate of mine brought up with me the exact same theory and corollary. In fact, all he had to say was the word "contagious" and I was off in gales of laughter. If you don't know why that made me laugh, contact me and I'll email the joke to you.

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