Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Memory is a terrible thing

I'm looking through the bookshelf at home and I find all these old photos, some about twenty years old, and decide to scan them in. A couple of the shots were of a meeting I had with my Esperanto virtual-tutor in Toronto in 1998 (possibly). I had always promised to scan them in and send them to him.

So I scan the photos in and google his name on the web. I get his email address, write a small email, attach the photos, and I'm just about to hit the send button when I think, "I've done this before."

And I can't truly remember whether I ever got around to emailing him the photos previously. What is going on, brain? Regardless, I send anyway, and then realise while the computer is cranking away at sending the attachments, that I've attached the hi-res, one megabyte per photo scans.

Bugger! So not only is this bloke who I haven't seen for years getting repeat emails from me, he's getting huge attachments filling up his in-box. I'm sure he'll think the world of me.

Actually, now that I'm writing this, I remember that I have had contact with him before this, but it was because a virus went around, and I sent him a lovely little email with all these links to porno sites on it. Charming.

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