Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fame on the web

I've told the story of emailing my Esperanto tutor from Toronto. I had no trouble finding his email address on the web; he's fairly prolific, and has a reasonably unique name.

Which made me think how easy it would be to find my name on the web. So I tried it.

Only three genuine hits that would get to me: one archived Usenet entry for rec.models.scale, one for the UNSWR Band website, and one which really floored me was my results in the City-to-Surf "fun" run in 1996.

85 minutes, 56 seconds. Not a great result, I must admit, but at least better than my 1986 result, which was just over 90 minutes. I'd been out till 3am, drinking heavily, then walked home from the City to Waverley. I did the 14km run with a hangover.

And what's "fun" about running 14km anyway? Admittedly the scenery is nice, in many respects ;-)

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